Joining Social Media

In this day and age social media is not just about keeping in touch with your friends and family like it was designed for. It is a hugely utilized tool for companies to market themselves and the best part is that it is free! Ozarks Farm and Neighbor is a newspaper that reaches about 58,000 readers in the areas of Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, and Eastern Kansas. Majority of the subscribers are male farmers and ranchers that range from the ages of 35-64. Social media is not exactly something that this demographic is familiar with and they are not too willing to learn. This was one of the key components that were holding OFN back from diving social media. They decided to start using Facebook and Twitter to reach their younger audience. Additionally, since the paper releases every three weeks it allows them get more news out to their readers. Ozark Farm and Neighbor is hoping to attract more reader by posting segments of their articles online and directing readers to the paper for the rest of the story. Using social media also allows them to perform shout outs to their sponsors and supporters. Ozark Farm and Neighbor is a great paper and very resourceful. To keep up with their biggest competitors they are taking the right steps towards joining social media.