New Technology In Agriculture

With all the concerns with the food supply and not being able to keep up with the world’s rapidly growing population, Japanese homebuilder, Daiwa House, may have found a solution. He has constructed a complete indoor greenhouse that is said to be the first step into the industrialization of agriculture. They are a new line of prefabricated hydroponic vegetable factories that produce safe and secure food called Agri-Cubes. They can be easily moved with a heavy-duty truck and measuring 8×16 feet, which can fit in the space the size of a parking spot! Additionally, a concrete foundation measuring 108 square feet has to be poured, plumbing, and electrical utility hookups have to be installed to prepare for the house. It creates an atmosphere, using heavy insulation to separate the environment from the elements of outside.


Also, the Agri-Cube uses air-conditioners and fluorescent light to create the ideal environment that is appropriate for cultivation. There is no soil used inside, but a hydroponic culture and vegetables are growing on aqueous solution water with a nutrient ingredient. Theses cubes allow locations that do not have the accommodations of farm or garden land to produce fresh produce all year around, such as rooftops, apartment community areas, and other urban areas.  Daiwa claims that the Agri-Cube can grow about ten thousand servings of fruits and vegetables every year and would end up costing about $4,500 per year, which calculates into 45 cents per head of lettuce. These miracle inventions are being sold to housing complexes, hotels, retirement homes, nursing facilities, top-end restaurants, and schools in Japan. Currently an Agri-Cube will cost you between $70,000 and $100,000 and with the growing popularity we can only hope that the price will reduce. Daiwa will also take custom orders and export these Agri-Cubes to other countries and is developing his product to meet the need of the countries conditions.