I have really enjoyed having my own blog and writing about agriculture topics. It has kept me updated on all of the latest news in agriculture when trying to find a topic and has improved my research skills. Also, it is so cool to get notifications of new followers of my blog and people that have “liked” it. It makes you feel like people care about what you are saying and hopefully can take away something from the post. Additionally, the commenting was a great way to interact with other bloggers and see what they were writing about. I did not realize all of the people that blog that have other professions, but use it for marketing tactics. It gives us all a way to share our opinions or share about what is going on in our lives. Blogging allows us all to form our own style and how we choose to relay the messages that we feel are important. I really like how informal a blog is but still gets the point across. I don’t know why but I was shocked when the blogger commented back to my comment. It showed how dedicated they are to their blog and how important their readers are to them.  I have really enjoyed this assignment and plant to continue.