I will never forget the morning in February of 2012 that my parents and I went out to wean some of my calves and to find that they had been stolen right off of their mommas. Once we got over the shock of what had happened, we counted 4 calves and 2 bred heifers that had been taken from a field near our home. It was a feeling like no other and I was consumed with many emotions. I felt violated to think that someone could just come on our property and take what was not theirs. I felt angry because I was looking forward to tying up a couple of the heifers and show that season and I felt sad to think where these cattle could be and if we would ever find them.
It was a year and a half in August of 2013 that this tragic event occurred and the month that my dad got a phone call informing him that the police had found several head of cattle and they think some of them maybe ours. When we went to go identify them, they had taken them to a mutual location because the man that had them knew they were stolen and had purchased them anyway. It ended up being the two bred heifers that they had found and we knew in our minds that they couldn’t have gone far because one was a tiger stripe and the other has our brand on her left hip. It was so surreal to see them in that trailer and all of a sudden all of those emotions from the day they had been taken rushed back. I was glad to see them but so upset by their appearance and the life I could only imagine that they had been living. As they stepped out of the trailer, there was a bunch of bread wrappers that fell onto the ground like it was the only thing that they had been fed for the last year and a half.

After getting the cattle home safely, the detective told us that a man named Howard Perryman from our area had been arrested for cattle and equipment theft a couple months prior to finding our cattle and was very likely the man that had stolen them. Additionally, a family friend called me saying that they were going to have a trail to try and lessen the sentence of this man and that they wanted a bunch of people he had stolen from to be in the stands. There was no doubt that I was going to attend and did. It was a scary experience to see such a ruthless man that had hurt me personally and many others that were in the same room. There were even several that I consider extremely brave to go up and testify against Perryman. We will never get back what he took from all of us but we still want justice to be served. The trail is still underway and still on a lot of peoples’ mind. Sadly this is something that is an issue in this present time and not just a thing of the past.


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